I can tell my mom got really affected by the fact that we didn't live togeteher until I was 15. She came worked in another state but she came to visit us every weekend and all Christmas long. But now my little cousing and godson is sleeping here tonight, it's past his bed time and supposedly my mother tuck him in bed but then she told him to go to her bed and lay with her until he got sleepy. Now he's sleepy but my mom keeps asking him silly questions to keep him awake; she asks him to kiss her constinuosly and she tells him "I love you".

And there's nothing wrng with this. As I can recall my mother never, EVER, has told us, to my brpther and me, that she loves us; nor has asked us for kisses. Never. I know that my mother loves me, and seeing her with my little cousin makes me wonder what's going on inside that head of hers.

What bothers me is that I have absolutely no problem with being cold with my mother as I have always been. I'm 23 now and I have no regrets in how indiferent we have been with eachother. Bt the other hand, the lack of her being present in most of my childhood could explain why she keeps trating me and talking me like a goddamn child.

Poor woman tho.