Friday night

Yesterday, while I was in my englics classes, my brother's best friend asked if I wanted to do something at nigth. I said it was a bit complicated because I was arriving home after 9:00 pm; but then he said he was going to be picking me up from my house as soon as I arrived. This is still very strange to me, so much interest, when I barely go out with them.

So, I arrived home and then I got a call from this guy, the one I have a crush on, from my brother's cellphone; and he told me they were on their way. I have this tiny funny idea that maybe he was the one who had the idea of inviting me. I wouldn't really know.

We gathered, listened to music, sang, chat, and drank. we were kinda drunk. I was hoping something "special" happened... but nothing happened, at all. He did nothing. Now I guess is because it was me, him and my brother... till dawn.

When it was time to leave there was a heavy rain going on, I was freezing, but then he gave me his sweater and then hugged me. Talk me about having mixsignals from a guy like he's a little bitch.