This week I went with my brother to his best friend house. I thought I was a prty, but actually there were my brother and his friends with his laptops... almost the whole night. They0ve done this before, and I almost bored myself to death... but I went this time again because I kinda like this guy, not something extremely special, but if there is any chance I will take it and see what happens. But happens too that my life is a complete tragedy, nothing is going to happen ever and I migth just convert into some kinda priestess. Forever alone.

But luckily, his sister was there and she pretty cool, so we talked lot; and she showed me how she's doing an embroidery of some logo. Cool.

AND it wasn't a total lost... we had pizza! Yay!

Then a couple of theur friends arrived and we sorta drank from this labeless vodka and played the most sick and bizarre mimic I have ever played.

Really, is this dude had the slightly interest onme he would have leave the computer and, I don't know, have a chat with me or something... I just think he's nice to me because he trying too hard to be my brother's best friend. Sad, this world of mine. Other than that, I have two new friends.