Yesterday was my best friend 24th birthday. We and other couple of friends wen to her house... I haven't been there since her last birthday the years before. Her mother is a really difficult person, and last nigth was a perfect ocassion to prove that. My friend lost it, and even include me in one od those figths, I was furious that she put me in that possition in public... so, inpublic as well, I told her I was pissed...

Anyhow, the food was great, my friend cooked for us carbonara pasta, and then we ate cake.

Althought all the troubles, we had fun. Everybody left before midnigth because of the tenssion, but me and my brother stayed. We had to sleep on the floor, and because of my condition and maybe because I'm too damn old for it, I couldn't sleep one bit, and still my spine and legs really hurt.

But I did really enjoy my outfit. Oh, narcissism.