Yesterday was a fucking busy day. I got up early to go swiming, I had tu hurry because my brother was suppossed to have a gig at noon. But when I got there, their schedule was changed and they ended up playing at 6 pm. So I stayed all afternoon sitting on the floor of this disgusting location.

We arrived home maybe at 8pm, an hour later we were leaving again to my friend birthday party... it was raining and we stood under the rain for half an hour. I really loved how I was wearing (you can't really notice int he picture but I was wearing boots, leggins, a mini white dress, and my new old favorite sweater) because I NEVER dress like this.

I knew my friend's party was going to be bad... but I understimate how her friends can be so fucking boring and annoying. Some of them played Wii all nigth long, ALL NIGHT LONG.

My brother was so tired he went to sleep early, so I was left alone in the middle of all those losers.

I really had no intention to drink, but there was a turning point in the party when they started arguing because they couldn't agree on a Pokemon color.

Time to start drinking for me. Time to get wasted. And so I did.

(The good part is that she cookes for us: lasagna, chicken, tajaditas and salad.)

My adorable friend made us truffles. I hate them, but those one where so fucking good. For real.

The cute part is that she still keeps on her bed the little dolls I used to sew.