Could be better

Last Saturday, my friend Elías, my brother and I went to a party at their drummer’s house. It was baaad… specially because of the zone she lives in, very insecure. But the thing is, if you’re going to have a party why don’t you have enough drink for everybody, enough food, or even enough glasses. If you don’t care to host a party maybe you should not have one! I don’t care about the fact that the elevator was broken in the building… but girl… at least clean your house.

Anyway, the good things were the music…and the other people really like to dance so I dance a lot, and I mean, A LOT. I even picked up some german girl, haha, I was flattered because she was a gorgeous, tall, blonde girl. But thank you, no thank you. I would have rather a gorgeous german guy, but you know how life hates me.