2011 in moments

Let’s see… last year a lot of things happened that I can actually remember. So I’m making a countdown because it’s rare that I can even recall events in my life. 

10) I met and hung out with a lot of new and awesome people. Specially with my brother’s good friend. He came back from Germany and now he’s expecting the papper work to move out for good. We’ve been close lately.

9) Went to the biggest theatre in my city for the first in my life to watch Cabaret, and some time later to watch the circus Viaggio by Il Circo.

8) Finally delivered my fucking thesis at fucking last.

7) Learned to swim.

6) Went to a doctor to learn how to eat and worked out regularly to have a better life style.

5) Got really drunk for the first time some time this year... and then several times some tome after.

4) Had an awesome vacation trip with my family for the first time in more than 12 years.

3) Had my tongue pierced.

2) Lost a lot of weight and now I'm under 98 Kg. fot yhe first time in I don't even know how many years.

 1) And the first place goes to my spine surgery. Because it was the most drastic shit I had to got trought the last year. I wasn't that dramatic but it meant that I had to change my life style forever... and it left me a pretty huge scar in my lower back.