Designer impass

Yesterday I went to my friend's  Fefy's because she was so stressed out about her homework delivery. She have to sew almost an entire outfit, and as she didn't do any of it in her Christmas vacations, she had to, of course, do it all the day before.

So she called me in despair only for me to make her company, otherwise she would have gone mad. So I made her company and help her by painting two metters of lace... with a brush... and acriclic painting... gawd help me.

Her desgns are inspired on a Francis Bacon painting.

That's why I had to paint the lace, she never found the specific fabric she needs yo sew her dresses.

Gucking amazing desings. She's so talented. I love her. I'm so jelous.

So I help her and busted my back since I spent more than three hours painting fabric on her living  room floor. For the work she paid me with cookies... and I'm ok with that.

Then I helped her some more making her dinner. Cute little Fefy^^