(Last nigth I...)

My internet connection is fucking with my nerves... I'm on the rage stage right now.

The good thinf is that my brother is at some party and I'm satying in hiss room tonigth, so I get to watch TV since mine broke a couple of weeks ago. But as I'm disconected from life I have been in the so bored real world: I did some laundry at 10 pm, then watched a Jean Claud Van Damme movie, then re aranged my uncle's DVD collection (it's maybe a thousen copies), listened (and danced to) some electro goth music for a while, there's nothing on TV but Jason X and now I'm drinking some home iced-mocachino at 2 am in my new vintage-like cup... This nigth is fucking killing me. 

Thank gawd for smart phones.