So I see

After almost six months with the same pair of contacs I just bougth new lenses! They came in this cute little golden box in the shape of a cube or something. I just thougth it was kind of funny that they wrote “Magically… Lustful eyes.” with and incexplicably excess of commas. Apprently they’re an italian brand, but still that does not exclude them from their punctuation mistakes.

I got them ligth blue this time, they are kinda fantasy looking but I chose them instead from the grey ones because they were much darker for my taste. I used to buy the perfect shade of grey lenses, but that brand apparently doesn't ship anymore to this country; they lasted up to a whole year or even more if you took good care of them. I loved them.

 This ones I've been buying lately are disposable, and last up to four months, but after six mines are still in good shape, it doesn't even bother nor itch my eyes yet. Still I decided to buy new ones because well... just in case. 

I like these ones... but I do not love them tho. As I have different formulas in each of my eyes I got a pair for both, so I got four lenses. I don't even know why am I mentioning this because they are gonna expire just as the same time even if I wear them or not. Although saving money for the nex eight months would certaintly suit me... we'll see. 

 Oh, I don't know... They look so fake.

In another news I started the new level of my english studies... four months to go. Oh my... I am gonna be forever broke for the next months.