Still unemployed

So I just had a job interview… and this company wants to start their bussines sin the web 2.0 thing. Apparently they just want an intern to do all the project for them, and want results soon… and I was sitting there just telling that guy that he had tohave realistic expectations about blog suscribers, FB fans and Twitter followers… they just don’t appear overnigth. You kinda have to harvest that shit in time. And then he told me how underpayed I was gonna be in comparisson with all the amount of work I would have to do to fullfill their unrealistic expectation and hunger for money, obviously. But that if, of course, I had to happen to get to a second onterview that’s gonna be some kind of creativity test and after that another kinda test that’s sorto of a mistery… and of course all that after they correct the ortography test I had today and have all the answers I gave today in the interview inside a computer program… What is wrong with engineers…


Anairo Draculesti ha dicho que…
Qué subnormales y desconsiderados, se ven que no tienen ni puta idea de cómo se maneja la Internet y el funcionamiento de las redes sociales.

Bueno, qué decir, mucha suerte buscando empleo ^^

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