Dinner time! I really like my dinner today: Casabe (a typical venezulean kind of cracker made of yuca, the trunk of a bush), a granole and turkey ham salad with passion fruit sauce, an iced coffee with Bayley’s (why am I drinking coffee at 9:30 pm? Apparently because I hate myself) and a banana as a dessert. 

This post is so pointless.

Also I really like my outfit today wich was a simple white blouse and black pants and sweater… am I silly or am I silly?

It must be the lightbolt… and the necklace I never use for some reason… and I have no idea why my tits look so ridiculously big in this picture.

I go tto wear my new old shoes too! The ones I fixed putting a big pompom flower where the button fell. I have had these shoes in a box for more than a year and never got the to get fixed; but I did it myself and that makes me happy. 

 It rained and my feet got wet and dirty... and they gave me little blisters, but still, yay!

In another news I swallowed another thongue piercing (just one of the little balls) That must definetly not be good for my heatlh. No wI have to wear this black one wich I hate. I don't have any money for a new piece so...