Cookie convention

Did I mentioned that we, silly heads, had a Cookie Lovers Convention today in class? Well, we did. And I made this cool "Welcome convencionist" poster.

We had our little convention because we're silly and proud... and terribly hungry most of the time too. Aren't we gorgeous?

(Devil hoooooorns! Fuck yeah!)

I was supossed to bake some cookies for the convention. I was baking chocolate chip cookies but two days ago a construction neraby broke some water plumbing and we've been without clean water since them. So, obviously I couldn't bake, I could barely eat. I really can't bealieve I couldn't find where to buy some not-boxed chocolate chip cookies.

I was really amazed and dissapointed, so I gad to buy these diet-fibre one that tasted really weird... like dirt. Another guy gave us giant Subway cookies wich were my favorite.

Anyhow, I still had to explain how to bake my cookies, so I did it with this lovely sketches because I'm that awesome.

And as all the ingredients were extremely happy, it was a recipe to bake Happy Chocolate Chip Cookies.