The darkest hour

Last Saturday I went to the movies with my mom, there’s been a while since we don’t hang out and chat. But I was really unconfortable to be the two of us just sitting there in silence until the movie started. The relationship with my mother is getting sadder everytime… 

I don’t really think she likes to get home and see me there, I mean… I don’t, I aviod my mom as much as possible. And I really can’t find a job so I can move out or whatever… somethimes I’m really desperate.

Anyhow, To cheer my self up from that dreadfull evening I got two new rings and this pendant that looks like a little mirror, it reminded me a little bit to Sailor Moon or something.

Also I got myself some books, it’s been a while sine I don’t own a real book, so I’m very happy that I have something to read while I’m on the subway now- I got the Necronomicon and The Lost Symbol, and it’s in english so I’m double happy!

I also got another Necronomicon for a friend whose birthday was last Sunday, and a box with three splashes for another girl whose birthday was last Thursday. I saw them both on Sunday so I owned them their presents. 

I got these cool wrapping papper with flowers on a side and like an optical illusion patter on the reverse, that was so cool… it made me dizzy. At least I thought it was cool, but when I gave them their gifts they just threw the papper right away. Oh, bugger…

I also stayed up til very late on Saturday night because I was drawing their birthday cards. These was for my friend Verónica, she’s the lead singer of my brother’s band. and I made her a chibi version of her that you can change her facial expressions.

It turned out pretty cool, didn’t it?! I just draw her faces because I really don’t know her well and really didn’t know what else to do.

And to my other, Diego, the bass player of my brother’s band; I made him a chibi version of him with changeable hair style… he kinda looks like an elf and something like a viking… he really liked it.

He has really long and sandy blind hair. So he really does look like an elf minus the pointy ears.