Forever hungry

On Sunday I hung with some friends again, they were composing new songs for their band. That didn't work out very well, they blame it to writer's block. I say we can't be all together int he same room if we wanna make something serious. 

 Anyhow, in the hopes to get some inspiration we went to the mall and guess what... we ate another cinnamon roll. Oh, dear. It's like seeing my friends makes me forever hungry.

When we got to my friend's home again, her little sister made me an origami boex flower. What a sweeatheart. It was kinda falling apart, but she was so sweet and all that I have to show myself over excited and thankfull. What a lovely little girl.

I'm so sorry if I'm a apathical bitch but now what am I supposed to do with this...

For the rest of the nigth I was supposed to be writing the lyrics, but as when didn't even had music, I just draw them in chibi instead. I wonder if he has find out the sketches in his notebook by now. Something tells me he hasn't... and never will.

And after midnigth, as we were hungy again of course, I made some arepas with american cheese and shred meat. They were good!, son. I got home on Monday at 7:00 am and my grandma asked me is my friend was my broyfriend since I spend so much time with him. This question really pissed me off, but I really can't argue with a 83 year old analphabet woman.