Road trip!

On Sunday I traveled with my borther’s band to another state for their first gig in another city! (like a good groupie, of course). We had to get up at 4 am to be at the bus station at 6. Our bus left at 6:45 for the five hour trip. I could sleep only for an hour before leaving, still I couldn’t sleep one bit in the bus, I really like to watch trough the window as we go on. I’m sure this have some kind of psicologycal explanation.

I put on ridiculous long fake lashes… that’s why I got up at four am. I’m sure that’s why people looked at me a bit shocked (more than usual, I mean). We had a mandatory stop for half an hour, I had breakfast even tho I wasn’t hungry, but the way left was still long, so…

We arrived t something like 11 am. So we went to the shore and I took some pictures of them. Some of them were really escited about seeing the sea and the ships because they have never been in that city… I really don’t know it much so I couldn't take them to nice places. 

 The gig was gonna be at 8 pm, so we had no idea what we were gonna do til then. My idea was getting to some mall and walk an stuff.

My pseudo plans we ruined wehen the guy who planned the whole event arrived for us in a very old truck, luckily for us we had a place to stay with all the instruments. The eight of us could fit in the truck and this guy took us to his place, a very ol and humble house in a town nearby.

 He really treat us very, very well… he let us play with his drums and gave us lunch and ice creams… all of this while, sadly we played black metal dvd’s for us very loudly… VERY.

Finally at 5 pm whe went to the club to make soundcheck. It was a really nice spot, very pretty, clean,well decorated and with good technology; unlike the metal clubs or bars here in my city… fucking ugly dirty holes. 

Sadly, the rain started to fall like a bitch maybe an hour later than we arrived. It didn’t stop until midnight. This was very unexpected, and judemental for the gig, not al lot of people assited, and the organizator had financial losts. But in general there were some pople there and the band was awesome, even that in the city you can tell they like black and death metal mostly, they liked the band. At least the guys gained some fans.

It could be better, but it was a Sunday night and it was pouring. Here in Caracas not a single soul would have gone.

They treat us so well, they even gave us free drinks! And I’m not even on the band! We really owe rhem so much, aparently they’re coming to an event a friend's organizing, so we have to be extra cool with them when we bring them here.

 And… right now the dude is wrtting to me with exagerate love… and he wants to “know me more”… and as I’m still not blind nor CRAZY, I am blowing him off nicely. He could have been very into us; but c’mon… not even a chance, man.