They're gonna kill me at work

This happened to me today. This is me and my mom and a friend struggling to brush my hair.

Basically I have a friend who's studying in beauty school, so she needed a victim model to practice on. Last week I volunteared and she did sort of eight hidden red stripes in my hair. I kinda like it, but by now they were pretty much washed out. It started to look sorta pink.

So today, she came to finish the initial job that was dying my base color black, doing red stripes in all my hair and straigthen it at last. But she spend three hour just decoloring 18 stripes (she re-did the old 4 ones and added a new layer), and now I'm just too tired and I have work tomorrow so we just decided to dye them red and calld it for the night.

I'll try to straigthen my hair on the weekend and see how this works... I say I'll try.