I'm poor again

Of course I'm spending my money like crazy! I just spent half my paychech in a little more than a week! I really need help! But I keep ordering things like these, a purple glittery eye liner and a pair of glosses... I really have to stop.

 And my diet is a mess! I cant stop eating! When I'm at work I get so fucking hungry I can't help myself... 

Then I bougth a little present or my friend's birthday... and then I bougth a necklace and some earings for a wedding I have to attend this weekend. I have issues...

By the way, I have to go to a wedding this Saturday and I have no dress... So I went to a plus size shop because I'm not really in the mood to walk all over the city in the hopes of finding something that barely fits me. So I had to pay pretty penny... but it's ok because I kinda expected it (and was prepared).

Because the bride forbided me to dress in black I had to try on some other colors. There wasn't a big quantity of variety but at least I found a few that fit well. One of them was this one with big sleeves; I really didn't like them them so I bought another one alike but without the big butterfly sleeves. Now I have to find a big belt or something.