Wedding march for a bullet

Went to my first wedding yesterday. There was a chocolate in our table telling us where to sit. This detail was kinda cute because the bride is a nutricionist, and the chocolate had nutricional info like 100% love… I don’t know. This was original y suppose.

Went with my aunt. The wedding was supossed to start at 2:00 p.m. but it really begun two hours later. Of course I spent my money in my new dress and in my hair… of course.

I forgot to take a proper picture of me in my new dress. Oh, well… but I got to wear my 15 cm high heels, yay! Amazingly, my back didn’t hurt at all.

Apparently, those people tried to do a different wedding. By example, there was no cake, but cupcakes that looked like little wedding cakes. And the little broom and bride were rather unusual too: the groom was tied up and the bride had a scissor cutting the man’s hair. This was so because the bride cuts her husbands hair regularly… what I don’t know is if it’s by force. 

 If you ask me, there was no grace or taste in the decoration… or better said, lack of decoration.

Well, let me tell you something, the only pretty thing bout this wedding was the bride. So simple and gorgeous.

(I didn't know weddings were so fast.)

Really, her dess maybe was for a more beach themed ceremony. But fited her perfectly.

They’re first dance was weird… thwy started dancing some ballad and then tried to do a coreography. Well, at least they tried. It really wasn’t a fun party for me, maybe because was mostly familiar (their familys I mean). But I guess they had their fun… my family is very different. 

 At lest I finally had a champagne I like! But I couldn’t catch the brand…

There was a lot of food, I give them that, but weird pseudo gourmet food. There was a crepes station, and I had a mushroom one… kinda strange I must say.

 And the little cake wasn’t even good.