Guess who's sick again?


And this time is bad... again. 

I've been having troubles with my stomach lately. I never have had troubles with my stomch before, ever; but this time, a week ago a terrible pin woke me up, I couldn't breathe well, walk or sit strigh. The pain was horrible. It was like somebody was sticking up  knife in the top of my stomach, and the pin even spred ll over my uper back. It felt like my ribs were on fire. I spent the whole week with a medium bother in my stomach and back and a constant sensation of fullness. That feeling is very unpleasent.

Tody I went to the doctor and... Oh, boy what do I NOT have! Troubles with my esofgus, gastritis, an ulcer nd crystlized stones in my gll bladder. Thank you very much. Another surgery. Great! Fantastic... My life is a fucking mess rigth now... again...