The flying crow through the shattered glass

The next Sunday I had to work too! The lead singer of the band, Verónica, was invited to be the model of November in a calendar called Voices 2012, with only female singers of venezuelan metal/rock bands. The Rev Creative is the agency that came up with the project. And I had to go one more time with Verónica, because after all she's representing the band. They are so professional, unlike anything in this country.

We were just a few and they still gave a wrist band to identify me as a guest in the shoot. They even gave Verónica a souvenir for helping them, so thoughfull. (I'm used to get nothing, those who are in the production thing or behind the camera rarely get anything).

It was a fine day I supossed. That's me with Verónica, the art director, Kike and then with, for that time, the photographer Roberto.