I am so very much specially pissed off.

You know y computer died a couple of months ago, so my aunt gave me hers as an allowance. So today I came home and find my little godson playing in my room by himself and the screen of my aunt's laptop broken and with a big fucking line all across the touch screen. 

I am going to fucking die.

 So I said to my mother what my godson has done, just to let her know that it's her fault for letting him play in my room without supervision but actually without telling her... you know. And then she started to yell at me that he didn't do it and it's in fact MY FAULT for lending stuff up. 

 I tried to reason with her, telling that it's fucking senseless what she just said, that wasn't my intention to telling his mother because she's gonna severily ground him; but all that I wanted is a little help with the money because it's gonna be imposible for me paying for reparations. 

 She lost it and started to yell at me even more saying that she asked him if he broke the computer but the little brat said no so it couldn't possibly have been him. 

Are you fucking kidding me?! Is a child! Of course he0's gonna say he didn't do it! Specially if his mother it's a complete lunatic who's gonna ground him in a ridiculously way! 

 Then she started to scream like a a fuking crazy person telling me "I told you so! I always told you so! it's your fault for using things are not yours!". because she loves to tell people "I told you so" and we all know what kind of goddamn annoying this kind of fuckers are.

 I just think my mother just hates me.