Yesterday I had the secret satan present exchange with the guys from the band. It had to be a gift made almost entirely made by ourselves. So at the new year’s eve party I drank a whole bottle of champagne by myslef (I don’t even like champagne) so I could have the bottle. I decided I was making a lamp out of that bottle and some stolen christmas lights. 

So I draw a bride of Frankestein bust with nail polish (because regular paint seems to peel off the surface of bottles) and glitter. I was kind of complicated for me since I haven’t draw in a long while. But it turned out ok.

I even made the wrapping papper and the bow. I tokk it seriously I guess... It's really easy and a really cool present, I recommend it, you can paint anything (the only thing is that I don't know what kind of propper paint to use... but anywaym nail polish worked just fine).

In the end I really think it turned out quite good… while turned off. When the lights glows it’s like the bride of Frankestein is melting.

My bad, I honestly didn't take that into consideration when painting recklessly.

I had to gave a present to the lead guitarrist and compositor of the band. I think he like it… I think, can’t tell from his face… really…

Can you even tell?