Yesterday I had my last test of Uni *happy face**happy face*. I would never have to take another test again (well, sort of). Just then I realized I was practically done with the University. I’m graduating late this year. I was so happy I went to the food fair and bought a big burger and an enormous ice cream. What a way to celebrate.

This was my class this semester. They're cool kids, I really like them. It was nice arriving to the University after two years and finding this cool classmates.

After that victory lunch I just layed on the grass of the campus garden for the last time while waiting to my next class. It was the last time I was doing that... I used to do it a lot with my friends when we all were at the same University at the beggining of our career studies. Now after all this time... I'm still not fan of lyring on the floor with bugs and dirt; but had to do it one last time.