Mom's B-day

Today was mom’s birthday. So I cleaned the house, arranged the dinner table, did laundry and baked her a cake rificulously full with pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and lots of chocolate. Actually those chocolates are the ones my mother has been hoarding since she got back from Brazil. I wonder if she really has actually the intention of ever eating them... ever.

 She ate almost half cake just by herself… so I pretty much think she liked it.

My mother doesn't like any kind of frosting, so it was a bare nude cake... but then she decided to "decorate" it herself just by throwing some peach pieces on one side... I don't really think she knows the words "decoration", "pretty", "style" or common sense at all.

(Birthday tip: Don't put the candles in the cake when it's still warm... the candles just... well, melt.)

Even that we don't get along half of the time, it just made me happy to make my mother happy... and she was pleased at the least.

Even when I did all those house chores that I never ever do... I didn't get a single "thank you" from her. But she never says it anyway so it's ok. In the other hand my grandmother was so happy I was helping her that she watched soap operas and slept the whole afternoon on the living room couch. 

 And as I had everything ready early in the day, I just sat and ate this gigant glass full with pistachios waiting for everybody to came to the dinner party.

And of course, my crazy and lovely aunts drank loads of wine while they sang "Happy birthday" to my mother as much as insainly loud they could have.That's how a good birthday gathering should always end.