Now I’m gonna post some pictures of me being absolutely awesome in our New Year’s Eve party

I never had a little black dress before, because, well I'm too damn huge. Still, I might not look the best in it but it made me feel so freaking FABULOUS. Every girl should have a tight little black dress. Or is it maybe the mirror is always liying to me, at least from my perspective this dress fits quite well. But then again, I have vision problems.

Anyhow, I wouldn't change the feeling of awesomnes this dress gives me; specially with a pair of riculous high pump that makes people ask you to sit down so they could take a picture with you without feeling like a hobbit. I don't need heels, I'm 1.80 mts tall, but I could always be 15 cm taller, right?.

Anyway, carrying on with the New  Year's eve family party: I put on some bunny ears and star glasses to rock and roll. Eevery year, me and my family get this props to have a little bit more fun at the party and get funny pictures of ourselves while we dance the "crazy hour" together. Wich is cool because this gaves everyone a dum motive to be completelly silly and have fun. I really like partying with the family.

I dance like crazy, as every year. Luckily my spine never hurt, even because I am like 10 k heavier... but thinking about this better I did wear a tight girdle from my tights to my diafragma (couldn't pee the whole night, by the way). Later at night when half the poeple left, some drunk uncles, my brother, a cousin and I started to sing karaoke... all of us at the same time.

So, happy New Year, I hope everybody have had so much fun as I did.