This morning before leaving for the toast (by the way, I wore the black outfit).

Today was the toast in our honor, the almost graduated journalists (among other less important people from other majors). I wore the black outfit (thank you, Tumblr!) with a little modification… I have no idea how on earth I look so thin in this picture but I’m not questioning that what so ever. I wore my little 5 cm heels but now my tights are sore like hell. Woe is me. 

So I’m there with the two cool guys from my class and our lovely and über classy promotion godmother.

This is most of my class with the rector of the University and our favorite teacher from the last semester. I have no clue why in all the pictures they took of me I am always holding a glass of wine, I didn’t even drink red wine, people just told me to hold their glasses and left them abandoned with me.

Then we went to this restaurant, Catar, and had lunch together… we asked for the waiter to took a picture of all of us, and in the mean time he shoot like ten like this… ich are more fun that the ones where we’re posing.