I’ve been doing a big craft bird for my little cousin’s assingment from school.

My mother told me that she was going to do this project for my little cousin since my mom’s a complete idiot and my cousin’s mother is a complete useless clot. But when she told me she needed my help I inmediately knew she meant that I was supossed to DO the whole thing by myself.

 It’s pointless for me to say no, so in order to save me a big scene of full drama from my mother I just nooded.

The whole project was to make a Condor on a hat. Why?… mind me and I didn’t even ask because I don’t really care. 

So I made the body out from modeled newspaper sheets, brought all togeteher with ducktape, then added a thick coat of toilet papper and white glue. Let it dry all night. The next day I painted it all black and added black stripes of pappers all over the wings as feathers. 

Then hot-glued the damned animal on top of the hat. It turned out really awesome. I've never done a bird before.

It really looks acceptable from a distance. It really seems like a vulgar dove that it’s just flying over your head to rip off the hot dog you just bought and are about to bite. Yes, I imagine this whole situation,

That's my lovely cousin Nathasha testing the hat or as I like to call it "the weirdest thing I have ever done". Anyhow, you know what my cousin can do if he doesn’t like it, right?