Red Velvet

Amazingly, mother invited me to have lunch today (she told my cousin to come along to reduce the tenssion I’ ‘guess). But we really had a good time since we don’t really hang out much lately. I’ve been working all day long for the past two months so I think she might miss me a little?

I had an "asian salad" that I don't even know what it had of asian... it had almonds... and chicken... idk. I got and extra barbecue sause so I made a really weird tasty salad.

Then we went to this spot, Polka Dots, where they sell mini cupcakes (now I know what to do when I'm old) and I got this cute little box with four little cupcakes: brownie, carrot, coconut and red velvet.

It was my first red velvet EVER. I know, I shoud me ashamed.